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"Providing plant nutrition for human health and happiness"

Company Profile
Abiding by the mission of "providing plant nutrition for human health and happiness", Fujian Fuerjin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2015; now, our company is located in Xiyuan Dengbang Industrial Park of Zhangping City, with a registered capital of CNY 20 million. Our business range includes the Research, development, production, processing and sales of plant extraction. At present, our company is a high-tech enterprise with an estimated total investment of CNY 160 million...
Quality Assurance
The company's production projects belong to plant extraction, recycling of waste resources, and intensive processing of agricultural and sideline products. It is a scientific and technological green project supported by the state. The natural nutrition and health products produced by the company are in short supply and have broad market prospects.
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