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Natural vitamin E
Main ingredients: Mixed tocopherol
Appearance and traits Brown red liquid
Tocopherol content 10% - 50% natural mixed tocopherol
Performance This product uses vegetable oil deodorant as raw material, by pretreatment, adsorption separation, molecular distillation and other chemical processes, purification and compounding into various specifications to mix natural vitamin E.
Uses For bread or snack products, aquatic products, beverages (milk products), biscuits, condiments, fried foods, health foods and cosmetics
Package 200KG/barrel
Storage Stored in a cool dry place and stored period is 18 months under nitrogen.
Index VE content 
Heavy metal content 
(Pb) ppm
Acid value 
≥50 ≤10 ≤3 ≥80
≥70 ≤10 ≤3 ≥80
≥90 ≤10 ≤3 ≥80
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