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Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
Product introduction Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) is a yellow clear transparent liquid (colorless after rectification) with a mild, characteristic odor, stable structure and no corrosion. It can be used as biodiesel or directly mixed with ordinary diesel. Low sulfur content, low emissions of sulfur dioxide and sulfides, can greatly reduce environmental pollution; and is a raw material for Uses' wide range of surfactants (SAA), widely used in leather chemicals and daily chemicals, can be further converted into other esters, ester ammonia, ester sulfonate and high carbon fatty alcohol.
Packing specification 200 KG iron drum or according to customer's requirements
Storage conditions and shelf life It should be stored in a sealed environment at room temperature. Shelf life is 24 months
Physical and chemical Index: Content 
Acid value 
Saponification degree 
mg KOH/g
Iodine value 
  ≥95 ≤5 160-170 ≤0.1 80-120 0.87-0.88
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