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Plant asphalt
Product introduction Plant asphalt is mainly used in the production of foundry binders, rubber softeners, cement pre-separators, black printing inks, asphalt coatings, surface activated carbon, leather auxiliaries and heavy fuels. The use of plant asphalt is very extensive and is only used as a casting binder, which has broad market prospects. Relevant information shows that China's foundry industry produced 25 million tons in 2005, ranking first in the world, and is the sum of US and German production. At present, China's foundry binders are mainly divided into organic resins and inorganic binders. The former is a non-renewable resource, and a large amount of toxic substances such as dioxins are produced during use, which seriously pollutes the environment.
Packing specification 200 KG iron drum
Storage conditions and shelf life It should be stored in a sealed environment at room temperature. Shelf life is 24 months
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